About Me

Hrm…what to put? Its kinda tough in 2019 to think about how much you want the world to know about you, for many obvious reasons. That said…eh…

About me – Computer nerd, serial hobbyist, grease monkey (occasionally), car and motorcycle nut, and overall, doer of all the things. I have many hobbies and interests, and often when learning something new, I’ve usually found the answer on someone’s web site, post, Youtube video, or any one of the numerous online avenues. I decided I want to try to give back and post or share all sorts of cool info I find interesting.

Why “Junknet”…what’s “Junknet”? Junk…net…net..dot…what?

Long story short when I got into computers, I couldn’t afford any new systems, so a lot of what I messed with was throw-aways and hand-me-downs, and to this day, it’s still the stuff I prefer to mess with 😉 That said, at the time (in 1999), I thought it was funny to call my domain “Junknet” since the site would prob end up running on some junk computer. I considered many times to get rid of the domain or get a “better” one, but now I consider Junknet to simply represent all the “junk” in my head, so I’m sticking with it!

Sadly I’ve abandoned this site many times over the years, it started as a personal page and I always had grand illusions of setting up some crazy awesome page, but eh, it’s never really happened. I do have a few good articles about working on arcade games that have gotten a lot of hits over the years, but after ranting about social media years ago, I jumped on that gravy train and this site was left to rot. I’ve since backed down on the social media, and trying to clean up my lil corner of the internet and make it inhabitable again. We’ll see how far I get this time around.