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Yep - another update, another revamp. But wait, what's this? It almost looks like a real page here, with real stuff. Naww, can't be. He's been updating this page for 10 years with no luck. Hmm...let's check this link out...whoa, it works! NO WAY!

Yeah, for starters, the big reason something's finally happening after literally almost 10 years of Junknet's existence is that I moved to a new host which is now compatible with more things I've been wanting to do. If Paul happens to see this, I want to thank him for hosting Junknet uber-reliably for the past 10 years and providing me my little corner of the net. I believe a server crash took out my old site, and while I have a lot of it backed up, as usual I don't have everything, so I'm starting over fresh. I was offered web space as a generous Christmas present and decided to take advantage of it. Thanks to Russ for the new home!

Again this page is (and will never be) complete. I'm currently in the process of laying out the skeleton so there's many dead links at the moment. As I start adding the old content (refreshed) back into this page, links will start working again. The focus will initially be on the photo galleries and the cars section, as I already had some ideas in mind for that. Everything else will come whenever I have time. The video section is integrated with my Youtube page and seems to be working well already.

So welcome friends to the next iteration of Junknet.net - and remember, this is the first day of the rest of your lives. Use it wisely!

-- Jeff

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