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Updates to TV database continue! PDF Print E-mail

Just a quick note that the donor TV database under the Arcade section continues to grow! I added some new 25" entries, including some K7000 drop-in replacements, as well as possible 100degree 25" tube donors for possible use in 25" Amplifone vectors (Star Wars cockpit).

Thanks to Andrew Fillipone for another great MAGNA meet... PDF Print E-mail

Huge thanks to Andrew Fillipone for being gracious enough to come and show the new Grand National documentary "Black Air" at our December MAGNA meet this past weekend. Movie was great and got a good response from the 50+ in attendance.

You can now order the movie and posters at www.gnmovie.com!!

Site updates PDF Print E-mail

Finally some site updates - I cleaned up the gallery in the arcade section...removed some old things, added some new things and tried to do some updates. Since my last major posts to the arcade side of things, I've since moved into a new house and now have an official game room, instead of having everything sit in a cruddy garage. Many of the games have had some minor work done, some of the projects have finally been brought to life, and some other projects have been sidelined for now.

I'm kinda hoping to re-vamp the Junknet site a little bit moving forward, mainly to fix the problem with how the gallery looks and get things working better.

The updates are a laggin... PDF Print E-mail

So suffice to say, since joining that crappy Facebook system things here have pretty much died out. I still plan to keep the site alive, and probably focus it more on the arcade swing of things than anything else. I haven't done much with the car other than recently I had to install a new water pump and some other general maintenance and cleaning. The arcade and collection has seem some changes which I plan to update as well.

I hope you enjoy what I have to offer here even though its not much, and hopefully as time goes on I can post some more DIY guides and keep it going.



Happy New Year PDF Print E-mail

Wow...last post was from July...what a crazy year last year was, and honestly, although it wasn't terrible for me, good riddance!!!

Here's to hoping everybody finds peace, prosperity, love, friendship, and purpose in 2012!!!!

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