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MadMan Arcade Update (3/25/2009) PDF Print E-mail

The plot thickens...and my wallet thins. Thanks to TNT Amusement I have a couple more cabs to play with. Not sure if they'll ever work again but hey who knows. I still can't believe I Managed to get them into my box truck, and that my poor box truck can move with all that weight in it!

 Space Duel & Q*Bert

New motor mounts in! PDF Print E-mail

Well my new HnR PartsnStuff motor mounts are in. Not a fun job but got them in over the course of a few hours. As you can see - attacking the passenger side mount was a little easier by using multiple extensions. Had a planned ahead I would have put the passenger side up on a jackstand and removed the wheel.

Another tip I can offer is to have one of those telescoping magnets they sell in the check out aisles of Pep Boys or Harbor Freight. These things are great for keep the bolts from falling into bolt hell otherwise known as the front crossmember.

In review of the H&R mounts - fitment was great, the holes lined up perfectly, and while there is a slight vibration in the car now, its only at idle and honestly makes it a little more exciting to drive! If I had a second Turbo Buick I would have no problem buying another set.

 New Mounts24inch extensions are required for Buick Ownership

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Office 2007 and Printing Envelopes as Gibberish PDF Print E-mail

We experienced some issues with printing envelopes at the office under our freshly installed Office 2007. When printing an envelope for an old/existing document, it printed the address as gibberish on our Laserjet 4300 printers. When you go into the envelopes function, and go into the font option, it defaults to "+Headings", which is really defaulting to the "Headings" font in Word 2007, which is Cambria. Selecting the document and re-picking the "Times New Roman" font, even though its already TNR, fixes the problem. All that does is get Word to not use the Cambria font, which is one workaround. Why this happens in Word is beyond me, and if it defaulted to the proper font, we wouldn't have this problem.

My workstation happens to work ok and doesn't reproduce the problem, so I know there's some difference I need to find.

In comparing the two, I found my workstation's Cambria font file was created 8:12pm, vs 9:12pm on the user's workstation. Why this is I don't know, and copying my font file over didn't help the problem.

I then went into the font viewer under the control panel, and did a test print of the font on the user's workstation. This produced the same gibberish, ruling out Office 2007/Word 2007 as the culprit.

Lastly, I printed to a different printer, which printed fine. That points me at the printer or printer driver.

I did a "printer test page" on both my worksation and the user's, to compare the versions of files the driver is using. The printer driver is the exact same version between mine and her's, however, I noticed that unires.dll, uniresgui.dll, and unidrv.dll are all newer on mine. AHA! Finally something definitive.

I believe I loaded some update on mine that she didn't get yet, thus causing the version discrepancy. The scary part is - what other printing problems will creep up if I update her workstation to a newer unidrv package.

 Anyhow, I found lots of posts on this and the typical hacks like "send truetype fonts as bitmaps", which does work, but in my mind is a hack. Obviously there's a bug with unidrv not generating the Cambria font properly - whether its the cambria font or the unidrv thats the problem, who knows, but at least this article dives deeper into this problem for whoever may be interested. I'll post an update when/if I get her workstation updated to a newer unidrv package.

Bad Engine Mounts PDF Print E-mail

Well it seems it just wouldn't be right if I wasn't back under a Buick changing engine mounts again. This time its the GN's turn - the driver side engine mount came apart. I guess it lasted ok, being oh, 23 years old.

 So what does a bad engine mount look like? Well engine mounts are generally a block of rubber sandwhiched between two metal plates. Usually you'll see a crack/rip/tear/etc in the rubber, or if oil leaked onto it - the rubber may be mushy and melted looking.

 That said, here's whats really happening when your engine mount is no longer holding the engine in place.



While the mount looks fine just sitting there, you can clearly see the engine lift off the rubber when it flexes. Note that this was done in a driveway and the camera was left underneath the car - nobody should ever be under a car while it's running.

New Polyurethane motor mounts from RJC Racing are on their way! Not cheap though, but at this point, not much more than GM replacements.

Note: Regarding replacement mounts - why wouldn't I just go to Autozone or Pep Boys and buy the $10 ones? On my old car, which was a wimpy NA Regal, I went through 8 mounts before just buying the GM ones. The GM ones last way much better, but unfortunately at this point are an old part and cost nearly $200 for a replacement set from GM Parts Direct, more than $250 from a dealer!

Junknet Updates! PDF Print E-mail


 Yes, I wasted WAAY too much time doing what seems like trivial updates, but updates nonetheless. For starters, I added two new sections to the top menu: "The Garage", and "For Sale". The Garage section will contain things relating to my car activities/hobby, including a "Car Stuff for Sale" section to put car parts for sale. The "For Sale" section encompasses the Car Stuff, as well as the Arcade Stuff for sale sections into one big honkin catalog.

"The Garage" is currently under construction, so please disregard anything that's in there right now. Yes, I could have simply turned it off, but being active will make me go back and finish it up.

 So incase you didn't notice, I also revamped the Arcade Stuff for sale section to be a little cleaner and Joomla friendly.  It also is now integrated with the main "For Sale" section, so any items in the "Arcade Stuff for Sale" section will show up as well.

I will also be adding a "DIY" section to each area (Garage and Arcade) for any DIY arcticles I happen to type up. Thats something I've been wanting to do with the site forever!

Man I really need a life!

 Anyhow - if you actually bother to read this page, enjoy. Feedback is always welcome using the "Contact Me" button up top.


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