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Madman Arcade Update 11/10/2010 PDF Print E-mail

Well a little more success (especially after last time) at the garage. Got my Asteroids swapped into a new cab, and its looking and (almost) working great. I have to solder one broken wire back onto the volume control but other than that the new cab is much better and its nice to see the wiring and everything finally done right. Cleaning the monitor really helped - picture is crystal clear now! Huge thanks to Ray for providing the replacement cab and Todd for coming over and helping me get everything swapped over.

In other news, I sold the Nintendo Playchoice cab :-( I will miss that thing, I probably shouldn't have sold it but I need the room. Good luck with it Chris!

Finally...been building up my stash of test equipment for repairing boards. Recently added an HP Signature analyzer, and soon an HP 1630 logic analyzer as well. Soon I'll be able to analyze anything..I think.

Outside of the arcade...Halloween was a blast this year...my electroluminescent (EL) costume was a hit around Conshohocken. I'm definitely keeping it around for future fun lol.



Update update to the updates for the updates PDF Print E-mail

Maaaan, so much since the last post. I guess this site has taken a somewhat back seat due to my...SELLING OUT of sorts and gaining a Facebook page. That said I still intend to keep this site alive so some cleanup was in order. You'll find a few sections, like the Madman Arcade and For Sale sections a little easier to navigate and the old content has been updated and cleaned up.

On top of that, the Madman Arcade has seen some serious modifications. I decided to dedicate the garage solely for my arcade hobby, and in doing so requires me to remove a lot of junk that accumulated in there. A new exciting addition: Tokyo Cop, which is my first sit-down driver game, and on top of that, a new universal cab to allow me to switch up some games once in a while. This also required some MAJOR reorg as space is very limited, and so far its going decently with only some minor hiccups.

Its been nice meeting some local collectors/enthusiasts lately, and I hope that I can host an awesome game night once all this madness dies down. Its a HELL of a lot more work than I ever imagined, but its coming along.

Another Update... PDF Print E-mail

Yesterday (Saturday) I attended the car show at UTI in Exton, PA. I think it was their first and had a very nice showing! The shop in the school was very impressive; wish I had that amount of room to work with!!


Uploaded a bunch of pics here: UTI CAR SHOW


Next, I went to the shore today, and stopped in Cape May on the way back to pick up a BACKGLASS FOR MY SILVERBALL MANIA!! WOOOHOOO!! Can't believe I found one so close by and in such short order. The guy (KLOV member) was pretty cool and had tons of pins.

Madman Arcade Update 8/17/2010 PDF Print E-mail

Another update - I recently spent some time re-organizing the garage. While this doesn't mean much at the moment Rectifier Board(still overloaded with CRAP), I do have a much better layout now I think and hopefully it'll be easier to make the crap go away!

On another front, I got back from my Western PA road trip and since the weather here is nasty and hot as its been, I decided to hide inside with the AC and did some more tinkering with the Pinball stuff. I got my order in from www.pbresource.com while I was away, so I got the rectifier board finished up with all new parts and mods, and tested it with good voltages, so at this point I'm ready to start re-assembling the backbox and installing all new light bulbs. Yeah...44 light bulbs in the backbox ALONE, this should be fun!

Click HERE for pics of the Bally rectifier board rebuild. It was done following the guide located here: http://www.pinrepair.com/bally/index.htm

Madman Arcade Update, Life Update, whatever... PDF Print E-mail

So to catch up on whats been going on with the Madman Arcade..some serious stuff has been going on in between updates! Since the last update, a FEW new aquisitions: Space Invaders Upright, Bagman Upright (Empty Cab), and a Silverball Mania Pinball machine! Thats right my first pinball! Second I guess if you count the pachinko machine we have at home. I also completed Ghosts n Goblins to the point where its playable, but it needs a few tweaks before I'd say its 99% (minus a full cab repaint).

Anyhow I've also aquired some new test equipment, namely a Fluke 9010a with a few pods to learn how to do some board repairs. This thing so far seems awesome and just learning a little about it has taught me so much about how boards and microprocessors work. Really wish I would have had these toys in Electronics class at tech school...would have went much farther by now, but I digress...

That said, VIDEO PINBALL is back! Using the Fluke I was able to find a ram problem, namely NONE of the ram was working. Found the ram write-enable line was stuck high - replaced a bad chip, and now she's back in operation! Sa-weet!

Outisde of the Madman Arcade, I recently drove the GN to Hebron, OH to take part in the 2010 BPG Nationals at National Trail raceway again. Its an awesome event to attend and very laid back and relaxing. This year they hosted a Buick Stage 1 reunion, and next year is a Pontiac Turbo Trans-Am reunion! Its gonna be awesome!!

Last but not least the broken gallery is more or less mended and I can upload pics again. Look forward to pics of the new toys, as well as the BPG event.

Again hope you're having a good summer! Stay cool!


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