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2017 Arcade Stuff For Sale PDF Print E-mail

New list of arcade goodies for sale in 2017:

  • Pole Position Project: Needs a monitor (or monitor repair), boards, back door, and the marquee light. $100, or $200 with a full set of (untested) boards.
  • Red/White high-top table - great for game room or small pizza shop, etc. $50
  • Unpopulated Missile Command Cocktail Control Panels: $50 + shipping
Yet another still around... PDF Print E-mail

Wow, damn near one year to the day and here I am putting my "annual" post up on my Junknet site - although I know the content on the arcade portion of the site is useful and gets a ton of hits, I don't use it for much else, nor have I even updated the arcade stuff anymore. I am still in the hobby and and somewhat active after taking a breather in 2016. Since then I've fiddled with several new hobbies, and even considered a hobby of trying new hobbies LOL.

Not sure what else to say, other than I'm hoping to revamp/upgrade the site soon, its obviously very dated. Don't worry, the donor TV list and tube swap articles will remain online!

Vintage Computer Stuff for Sale PDF Print E-mail

Hey guys, due to limited time and space (amongst several other factors), I decided to list up a handful of vintage computing items I have for sale. I really only pulled stuff out to try to list it up for now, if there is any interest I can test further than what's mentioned on the listings.

Anyways, check out the full list: http://www.junknet.net/forsale2/vintagecomputers or just click on "Vintage Computers" under the For Sale menu above.

Also - please note that I am no longer taking on any video game or PCB repairs. If I have your PCB in for repair, it will be completed, and in some cases if I recently contacted you I will probably still get to those as well. Please contact me if you have any concerns.

As much as I love fixing them and helping people out, I just don't have the time over the summer like I thought I would.

Still around in 2016... PDF Print E-mail

Still around...while I don't update the site much I am still monitoring emails and adding some occasional content. I still believe in owning my own lil personal piece of the net :-)

Venturing into new interests so some new sections may be added in, we'll see.

Lenovo T520 Laptop going Bonkers - Solved! PDF Print E-mail

So recently my Lenovo laptop, a Lenovo T520 was having issues where it was going "bonkers". Out of the blue it would start going nuts with random keyboard and mouse strokes, in some cases closing documents and generally causing mayhem. At first glance I thought it might've been malware, but then I remember that I recently opened up the keyboard to check something, and figured it had to be related.

Also doing some Googling revealed I'm not alone - a lot of users of this model laptop have been having similar problems, one user calling it "bollocks mode" lol.

Long story short, I think i was right about it being related. After a few more bouts of it screwing up on me, I finally opened the front bezel and keyboard back up to see what, if anything, I screwed up. After careful inspection I realized that the ribbon cable that feeds the keboard and touchpad was folded in such a way that it was laying directly on top of the WIFI adapter. Chances are it wasn't that way from the factory, so I carefully folded it forward away from the WIFI adapter and held it down with a small piece of scotch tape while I reinstalled the keyboard and wrist-wrest piece. Lo and behold (knocking on wood), I haven't had the problem since.

So to review...if you're having trouble with "Bollocks" mode on a Lenovo T520 laptop, open the wrist-wrest/keyboard and carefully fold the ribbon cable away from the WIFI adapter.



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