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Merry Christmas!!!
Thursday, 25 December 2008 12:22

Merry Christmas everyone!! Hope Santa brings you all kindsa cool stuff!!









MadMan Arcade Update (12/19/2008)
Friday, 19 December 2008 10:23

I used to never update this site...now I update it almost daily! Anyhow, I stopped at TNT Amusement today and picked up a new bezel and marquee for Asteroids Deluxe. Tonight I spent another couple hours at the garage, freezing my a-- off and tinkering some more.Damaged Marquee

First, Asteroids Deluxe. I didn't bother with the bezel yet, since its a slightly longer one and would have to be trimmed, but I swapped out the marquee. While the existing one looked great and had good color, it had some severe scratches on the artwork that New Asteroids Deluxe Marqueebasically ruined it. The light was showing through. The replacement I got from TNT was a bit faded, but the artwork has no knicks or holes and looks great lit. I cleaned it up with some 409 and plexus.

Next, Mario Bros got some attention, and I found the marquee light fixture was missing. Didn't do anything about it other than grump for now. I also tinkered with the monitor, and wala - I got it to sync! The monitor definitly needs repair/cap kit. I can also hear faint audio which is a good sign!

Lastly, I tried pairing up my thrift shop tv to the old pole position monitor (Matsushita TM-202), and alas it didn't fit the tube socket. Bummer. I then realized the yoke looks identical to the Sanyo 20EZ tube, in fact, it was a Sanyo tv! The tubes look identical, however they're different numbers, and the nipple on the end of the TV tube was slightly longer than that of the monitor tube. May just be the plastic piece so I'll hang onto the TV tube for now. I removed and tossed the busted tube off the Matsushita monitor to make some room.

Thats it for now!


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