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Madman Arcade Update (3-5-2010)
Saturday, 06 March 2010 01:29

So a few updates on the arcade front, not much since I literally got the 24 hour bug while I at the garage. Anyways, Asteroids got a new control panel to replace the bent/warped/painted one it had. The new one is a little rusty but it actually looks a lot better and still has a good portion of the original paint on it.

I ordered a few parts including a Neo-Geo to Jamma adapter, so I can run jamma boards in my Neo Geo cabinet. I was considering getting rid of that cab until I found this, so I guess I'll keep it around. I also got a MS PAC to jamma adapter to run MS Pac/Pacman boards in a Jamma cabinet. I really got the MS PAc adapter for testing purposes.

Darkstalkers (once again out of order), Asteroids, and the Neo Geo cab all got token mechs, so I only have a couple games left that AREN'T tokens.

Besides the usual "really need to clean" sentence, my next item is to just replace the monitor in Darkstalkers with another one, I'll buy a universal chassis if I have to - this thing is killing me. I also need to fix the video pinball which failed some time ago.

Alas life and higher priority reign, so who knows when I'll get to play again, but we'll see :-)

Junknet Update (Feb 2010)
Monday, 15 February 2010 20:26

Hey all - yeah still lack of updates here but just a quick note that I updated the web site some. If anyone sees any problems with it please let me know via the Contact Me button above. Thanks!

EDIT: Yeah I brokeded it. Gallery is having issues so stuff in the for sale section thats sold I can't delete right now, I also can't add new stuff for the time being until I fix it.

Madman arcade finally got a little love for the first time since October. A newer Megatouch upright has found its way in (still needs repairs), Asteroids and Darkstalkers both got token mechs (I'm down to only a couple left that don't take tokens), and overall the place needs some serious cleaning before anyone can actually enjoy anything in there.

Lastly, my two older Megatouches are both now for sale. A Megatouch 6 Bartop, and the Megatouch 7 upright. Both work and look great. Asking $150 ea or best offer.

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