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Madman Arcade Update 11/10/2010
Thursday, 11 November 2010 09:45

Well a little more success (especially after last time) at the garage. Got my Asteroids swapped into a new cab, and its looking and (almost) working great. I have to solder one broken wire back onto the volume control but other than that the new cab is much better and its nice to see the wiring and everything finally done right. Cleaning the monitor really helped - picture is crystal clear now! Huge thanks to Ray for providing the replacement cab and Todd for coming over and helping me get everything swapped over.

In other news, I sold the Nintendo Playchoice cab :-( I will miss that thing, I probably shouldn't have sold it but I need the room. Good luck with it Chris!

Finally...been building up my stash of test equipment for repairing boards. Recently added an HP Signature analyzer, and soon an HP 1630 logic analyzer as well. Soon I'll be able to analyze anything..I think.

Outside of the arcade...Halloween was a blast this year...my electroluminescent (EL) costume was a hit around Conshohocken. I'm definitely keeping it around for future fun lol.