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Madman Arcade Update 8/17/2010
Tuesday, 17 August 2010 09:14

Another update - I recently spent some time re-organizing the garage. While this doesn't mean much at the moment Rectifier Board(still overloaded with CRAP), I do have a much better layout now I think and hopefully it'll be easier to make the crap go away!

On another front, I got back from my Western PA road trip and since the weather here is nasty and hot as its been, I decided to hide inside with the AC and did some more tinkering with the Pinball stuff. I got my order in from www.pbresource.com while I was away, so I got the rectifier board finished up with all new parts and mods, and tested it with good voltages, so at this point I'm ready to start re-assembling the backbox and installing all new light bulbs. Yeah...44 light bulbs in the backbox ALONE, this should be fun!

Click HERE for pics of the Bally rectifier board rebuild. It was done following the guide located here: http://www.pinrepair.com/bally/index.htm