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Madman Arcade Update (3-15-2010)
Tuesday, 16 March 2010 05:23

Sorry for the downtime folks! If anyone was trying to access Junknet.net today you probably didn't get too far. I have a small hosting issue I'm trying to fix up to improve the site a little, and unfortunately in the midst of troubleshooting it my laptop battery died. Anyhow - things are back to normal for now.

Next - another arcade update. I picked up a Ghost N Goblins kit from the forums, knowing how much I both loved and hated that game. I really just wanted the boardset but it was offered as a kit so why not. Well, apparently I got lucky - very lucky. A Commando cab I happened to have in storage looked like it was close to the dimensions of the bezel, so why not I figured I'd try it to see how badly it fit. Well, badly wasn't the word - more like "MADE FOR IT". Holy crap I couldn't believe it! The control panel has a useable layout, and both the marquee and bezel fit the cab perfectly. The ONLY downside to this cab is that its made for a vertical monitor, but a few mins with a rotozip should fix that problem. I can't wait to put this thing together now!!

Until next time...