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Madman Arcade Update (3-10-2010)
Wednesday, 10 March 2010 10:22

Figured I'd put an update, since I have an update on the arcade front. I fixed Darkstalkers - AGAIN. This time I just swapped the monitor out for an actual working one. Its possible the flyback is bad in the other one so it can sit and rot for all I care. On top of that, I also got in some 25in Capcom bezels, and found a Capcom Vs Xmen bezel that was gray and sort of matches the CPO I have on the cabinet. Installed it and it looks pretty good for once!

Next up I replaced one of the credit displays on my Neo Geo cab so there's no more missing segments. Looks better now, and despite that I'm possibly planning some alternative uses for the cab. I need to get in there and add a -5v wire from the power supply, and replace the noisy fan in the power supply as well. I did get a jamma-to-Neo-Geo adapter from www.jammaboards.com so I can use Jamma boards in the cab. Neo Geo cabs are 99% jamma but have some minor changes, especially in regards to the speaker connections. They also tend now to have the -5v feed as the Neo boards don't use it I guess.

In regards to Ms Pac not coining up properly, I found that although I knew I'm missing the "credit multiplier" board - nobody ever told me there's a shunt board that has to be installed in its place. That explains the lack of coin functionality. I did test the coin door and it worked fine, so once I figure out where to find or how to make one of these shunt boards I guess Ms Pac will be finally accepting tokens.

Finally, the last thing I got to play with was the new Megatouch. Things aren't looking good for it - the touch screen seems to be bad on the right side. If you drag your finger across the center of the screen, the target moves away from your finger as it approaches the right edge. CRAP.

The front row will get some attention next time I go down there - who knows when that'll be. Qbert needs the monitor to be replaced, I gotta do SOMETHING with the Playchoice cab and Video Pinball is still dead.