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Madman Arcade Update (3-5-2010)
Saturday, 06 March 2010 01:29

So a few updates on the arcade front, not much since I literally got the 24 hour bug while I at the garage. Anyways, Asteroids got a new control panel to replace the bent/warped/painted one it had. The new one is a little rusty but it actually looks a lot better and still has a good portion of the original paint on it.

I ordered a few parts including a Neo-Geo to Jamma adapter, so I can run jamma boards in my Neo Geo cabinet. I was considering getting rid of that cab until I found this, so I guess I'll keep it around. I also got a MS PAC to jamma adapter to run MS Pac/Pacman boards in a Jamma cabinet. I really got the MS PAc adapter for testing purposes.

Darkstalkers (once again out of order), Asteroids, and the Neo Geo cab all got token mechs, so I only have a couple games left that AREN'T tokens.

Besides the usual "really need to clean" sentence, my next item is to just replace the monitor in Darkstalkers with another one, I'll buy a universal chassis if I have to - this thing is killing me. I also need to fix the video pinball which failed some time ago.

Alas life and higher priority reign, so who knows when I'll get to play again, but we'll see :-)