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New motor mounts in!
Sunday, 22 March 2009 03:20

Well my new HnR PartsnStuff motor mounts are in. Not a fun job but got them in over the course of a few hours. As you can see - attacking the passenger side mount was a little easier by using multiple extensions. Had a planned ahead I would have put the passenger side up on a jackstand and removed the wheel.

Another tip I can offer is to have one of those telescoping magnets they sell in the check out aisles of Pep Boys or Harbor Freight. These things are great for keep the bolts from falling into bolt hell otherwise known as the front crossmember.

In review of the H&R mounts - fitment was great, the holes lined up perfectly, and while there is a slight vibration in the car now, its only at idle and honestly makes it a little more exciting to drive! If I had a second Turbo Buick I would have no problem buying another set.

 New Mounts24inch extensions are required for Buick Ownership

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