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Lenovo T520 Laptop going Bonkers - Solved!
Monday, 20 January 2014 14:12

So recently my Lenovo laptop, a Lenovo T520 was having issues where it was going "bonkers". Out of the blue it would start going nuts with random keyboard and mouse strokes, in some cases closing documents and generally causing mayhem. At first glance I thought it might've been malware, but then I remember that I recently opened up the keyboard to check something, and figured it had to be related.

Also doing some Googling revealed I'm not alone - a lot of users of this model laptop have been having similar problems, one user calling it "bollocks mode" lol.

Long story short, I think i was right about it being related. After a few more bouts of it screwing up on me, I finally opened the front bezel and keyboard back up to see what, if anything, I screwed up. After careful inspection I realized that the ribbon cable that feeds the keboard and touchpad was folded in such a way that it was laying directly on top of the WIFI adapter. Chances are it wasn't that way from the factory, so I carefully folded it forward away from the WIFI adapter and held it down with a small piece of scotch tape while I reinstalled the keyboard and wrist-wrest piece. Lo and behold (knocking on wood), I haven't had the problem since.

So to review...if you're having trouble with "Bollocks" mode on a Lenovo T520 laptop, open the wrist-wrest/keyboard and carefully fold the ribbon cable away from the WIFI adapter.



Rebooting Iphone 3gs - may not be an OS issue!
Tuesday, 12 July 2011 16:48

Long story short I spent the past month trying to get my iPhone 3gs back up and running again. A combination of killing the battery as well as me dropping it left me unsure exactly what the problem was. The phone would come on to the Apple logo...sit there for a while, then eventually the circular scroller thingy would start going around. While this is happening, after a few minutes the phone would be visible in itunes and for the most part would function fine - just no UI on the phone itself.

After numerous IOS re-installs, updates, and trying various apps, I finally found one tiny post somewhere that mentioned the exact same symptoms, and mentioned the problem being ribbon cable #3 inside the phone.

Sure enough, as the posting mentioned, I opened up the phone, and disconnected #3 (its under #2), and sure enough the phone booted up! Cable #3 supposedly handles the headset speaker as well as the proximity sensor. Anyhow, after some VERY careful cooercing, I got the cable back into the connector, and the phone now boots and functions 100% again! Woohoo!

I figured I'd put this out there to anyone having these symptoms - A phone that's responsive to Itunes, but only has the Apple logo and eventually reboots. Check your ribbon cables!


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