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Update July 2014...

Hey guys, as much as I love repairing video games and PCBs, I found that I just cannot dedicate the time to do them on a regular basis. While I might take one on here and there or over the winter, please note that as of now, I am no longer taking on any more repairs at this time, PCBS or otherwise.

If I have your PCB, please be rest assured it will get done. Please contact me if you have any concerns.

Stay tuned as this may change, especially during the fall/winter months.



If you have an arcade game in the Philadelphia or surrounding tri-state area you need repaired, please contact me using the "Contact Me" link above, as I may be able to help. Most of my capabilities lie in the actual electrical/electronics. I do not get involved in woodworking, painting, or cosmetic work for the most part.

In addition, if you are a collector and simply need a PCB repaired, I may also be able to help.

Here's a list of what I can do when it comes to repairs:

  • PCB Repair (See below)
  • Monitor Repair
  • Wiring/Connector Repair
  • Power Supply Repair

PCB Repair - Currently specializing in black & white games:

  • Any Atari B/W Game PCB (Baseball, Basketball, Football, Video Pinball, Asteroids, etc.)
  • Midway B/W games up to 1979 (Boot Hill, Space Invaders, Sea Wolf & Others)

Again, use the CONTACT ME button at the top of the page.